Holly Hill West Harvard, MA

Full Service Board
Complete care of the horse or pony with turn-out, tacking and untacking.
Discounted Lessons Packages also available to purchase. Call for price.**

Holly Hill on Cape Cod

Full Service Board
Complete care of horse or pony with turn-out. Includes tacking and untacking. Call for price.**

Training Board
Complete care of horse with turn-out and training at home. Includes pro-rides. (No lessons provided). Call for price.**

Rehabilitation Board
Complete care and Rehabilitation of your horse or pony, includes limited exercise rides, hand walking, ice. (No Medications Included). Call for price.**


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Lessons (per hour) by request/(per half hour $65.00/75.00
Academy Instructor (per half/hour) $60.00
Ship-In-$125.00 and up

All lessons must be cancelled at least 12 hours in advance or you will be charged for the lesson.
Inclement weather is the only exception. Please pay for lessons prior to scheduled lesson.

Includes all rides done by Holly Hill Farm Staff
Farm Training $45.00
Shows $55.00 per class


NOT included in board: fly spray, Show Sheen, shampoo, Cowboy Magic, Duct Tape, Farrier Barrier, Stress Dex , Gelatin , Poultice, Hoof Packing, First Aid Bandaging, Vita Hoof, Betadine Scrub, Alcohol, DMSO, medication cream, turn out boots and rugs. Gamma Oil, Dengie, Tendonil, Strongid C, Nutrient Buffer, medications, paste worming, horse/pony blanket cleaning and repair.

All extra charges are billed at the end of each month.
Included: limited laundry, (no sheets or blankets) tack cleaning soaps, oils, and everyday polos and nylon halters, vitamins.

Horse Gym Treadmill charged by session or by the month.

Theraplate, Back Machine

Any time-consuming care items, i.e. cold hosing, soaking, lengthy vet visits, holding for blacksmith, or ultrasound therapy, will be billed at a rate of $20.00 per hour (minumum $20.00).

Customers are expected to pay monthly bills in full by the fifth of each month.
Once a Board Type is selected by the customer, any changes must be made in writing at least one month prior to the Next Billing Cycle.

PLEASE NOTE: 30 days notice is required to remove a horse from Holly Hill Farm. Failure to provide this 30 day notice will result in an additional month's board fee.

Bills are sent out by Regular Mail at the end of each month. Statements can also be emailed (by request).


Schooling Fee
(per day) "A" Shows $100.00
(per day) "B" Shows $100.00
Pro-Ride $55.00 & up

Day Care *
Multiple Day Shows (per day) $125.00
Grooming Fee (one day show) $95.00
Initial Bedding Fee (first day only) $65.00 & up
Preparation/After Show Fee includes all or any of the following: (bathing, packing equipment, loading, unloading, taking off poultice, hand walking) $45.00

Groom's Gratuity
Gratuity is greatly appreciated. Based on $20.00 per show day.

Supervision Fee (per day/per horse) $50.00 (for horses not on Holly Hill Day Care*)

Multiple day shows - Paid for by owner at shows.
One day show - paid for by owner at shows.
There will be a one time fee of $200.00 for the year per horse for Holly Hill to prepare all entries. Owners may do their own entries, the completed entry blank for each show must be in the Holly Hill office at least 4 days prior to the closing date of the shows, or mailed directly to the Horse Show Office and a copy given to Holly Hill.

Based on size of load and location of show.

Medication, Poultice & Costs of Machine Time
Costs according to need.

Per mane $50.00 & up (paid by owner at away shows)
Per tail $45.00 & up (paid by owner at away shows)

Clipping and Trimming
Show Body Clipping $150.00 and up
Mane Pulling $25.00 and up
Show Trimming $25.00 and up
Maintenance Clipping-non show season $25.00

Motel, Food and Travel Expenses
Trainers and grooms expenses to be divided up among customers attending show.
Clients are required to make their own room reservations.

Tack Stall / Grooming Stall
To be divided up among customers/number of horses attending show.

Night Watch-up to $4.50 a night per horse
Laundry-$20.00 per week/per horse



Rates Base on 2-Week Sessions (To be paid at the beginning of three two-week session)
5- Day Option $750.00
3-Day Option $480.00
2-Day Option $320.00
One time registration fee $60.00



The sale or lease of a horse is a big decision. We take pride in matching the rider/owner with the right horse. These things take time, and the experience and success we have had in the past affords us the ability and knowledge to provide this service. For this we charge a commission of 15% for sales and 20% for a lease.

All expenses related to the arranged trial, vanning, purchase of horses or ponies is the responsibility of the buyer.